Dividend Income Update – January 2016

I’m glad to post these dividend income from the blue-chip companies. The month of Jan, I received $13.40 and it was more than 50% as compared to last Jan.

Here are the companies from where I received the dividends:

American Capital Agency (AGNC): $1.09
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK): $1.19
Altria Inc. (MO): $6.24
Phillip Morris Intl. Inc. (PM): $4.88

Total Dividends: $13.40

My target for this year is $125 and so far I’ve received a total sum of $14.40.

Disclosure: Long in aforementioned companies

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Dividend Income Update – January 2016

  1. Nice increase YoY. I own 2 of the 4 stocks you listed here. So, we are both dividend sinners this month 🙂

    • DK says:

      Hi Investing Hunting,

      Hu! we definitely are. We consider investing different from ethics and I can totally understand why some folks like to avoid sin or alcohol stocks. As long as our dividend income is consistently growing slowly but surely, that’s what it counts. Keep up the nice work over there. Appreciate much for stopping by and commenting.

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