Dividend Income Update – May 2015

This is my favorite post as it shows the progress being made from dividends received, is real as the money is deposited in the account. The month of the May was decent: $7.34. It is a small amount but it keeps inspiring me and hopefully to the readers.

Here are the companies from where I received the dividends:

  • Abott Laboratories (ABT): $0.63
  • American Capital Agency (AGNC): $1.10
  • British American Tob-AP ADR. (BTI): $2.46
  • Nestle SA – ADR (NSRGY): $2.14
  • Omega Healthcare Inv (OHI): $1.01

Total Dividends: $7.34

My target for this year is $100 and so far I’ve received a princely sum of $41.66. I’m hitting my modest target.

Disclosure: Long ABT, AGNC, BTI, NSRGY, OHI.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Nice job over there. Sounds like you had a great month with the income sources. Awesome work! I don t include my online income in these reports because, well, it s not dividend income and it s far from passive, but all income sources in May were fantastic. I ll be publishing May s budget here pretty soon.

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